Book deals: October 2022 edition

A roundup of some of our recent book signings, slated for publication in 2023 and beyond

Let’s face it: The publishing world can be slow-moving. From peer review through editing and design, it takes time—sometimes a lot of it—to produce a polished book. But we’re too excited to keep every signing under wraps. We’re pleased to share details about a few of our latest acquisitions below, including Elizabeth “Dori” Tunstall’s anticipated guidebook on how institutions can transform their design practice through restoring long-excluded cultures. In case you missed it, you can browse several other new signings and forthcoming books in our July 2022 edition.

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A black and white headshot of designer Manuel Lima wearing a dark button up shirt, posed against a white background.
Manuel Lima

Victoria Hindley, acquisitions editor, has acquired world rights to The New Designer: Rejecting Myths, Embracing Change by internationally renowned designer Manuel Lima. The New Designer explores how to develop an ethical design practice and build a better world. Lima is founder of and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Slated for publication in spring 2023.

Jermey Matthews, senior acquisitions editor, has acquired world rights (excluding Dutch language), at auction, to Target Earth by Govert Schilling. Target Earth explores the science, history, and potential catastrophic futures of large cosmic objects colliding with Earth. Schilling is represented by Julia Foldenyi, Shared Stories Rights Agency. Scheduled for publication in spring 2024.

A headshot of Elizabeth "Dori" Tunstall posed against a leafy background, with a weathered wooden fence in front of her at rib-height. Tunstall has a purple sprig of flowers in the right side of her hair and wears a white necklace and blue floral shirt, holding a stem of yellow flowers in her left hand.
Elizabeth “Dori” Tunstall

Hindley has also acquired world rights to Decolonizing Design: A Cultural Justice Guidebook by Elizabeth ”Dori“ Tunstall. Decolonizing Design is a guidebook to the institutional transformation of design theory and practice through restoring the long-excluded cultures of Indigenous, Black, and People of Color communities. Tunstall is dean of the Faculty of Design at Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, the first Black person to hold such a post in the world. Expected to publish in spring 2023.

Emily Taber, former MIT Press acquisitions editor, has acquired world rights to The Value of Values by Daniel Aronson. The Value of Values is a guide for businesses to identify the full financial benefit from sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Aronson, the CEO of Valutus, is represented by Laura Yorke or Laura Yorke Literary Services. Slated for publication in fall 2023.

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