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Paperback | $30.00 X | 512 pp. | 6.75 x 9.6 in | March 2018 | ISBN: 9780262535472
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101 Problems and Solutions in Historical Linguistics

A Workbook


This book offers a hands-on approach to historical linguistics, guiding the student through 101 problems in five different categories. These include 12 problems on the establishment of genetic relationship among languages, 24 problems on sound change, 35 problems on phonological reconstruction, 10 problems on internal reconstruction, and 20 problems on subgrouping. Each section begins with an introduction to the principles of historical linguistics as applied to the topic at hand. The problems come next, ordered by level of difficulty—beginning, intermediate, advanced. The “Solutions” section at the end of the book provides answers.

The book provides a consistent structure for each section, offering an overview of the topic followed by progressively difficult problems. Examples come from a wide range of languages, including Austronesian languages. The book provides explicit solutions to all problems; there is no need for a separate answer book or instructor’s manual.

101 Problems and Solutions in Historical Linguistics is intended to be a companion to any textbook on historical linguistics, providing data-based instruction on the basic principles of the field and illustrating theory in a practical way. It can also serve as a standalone text for course work or independent study.

Section 1 The Establishment of Genetic Relationship Among Languages • Section 2 Sound Change • Section 3 Phonological Reconstruction • Section 4 Internal Reconstruction

About the Author

Robert Andrew Blust is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa.