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A Life And A Legacy

By Dorothy Stein





Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace, was the daughter of Lord Byron and a close friend to many of the leading figures of the Victorian era; based on her report on Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine she is also generally known as the inventor of the science of computer programming. In this engrossing biography, Dorothy Stein strips away the many layers of myth to reveal a story far more dramatic and fascinating than previous accounts have indicated.

Dorothy Stein is a psychologist with a special interest in thought and language and a background in physics and computer programming. She has taught courses in nineteenth-century women's history and in the biology and psychology of sex differences, and is particularly concerned with the use of myth in science.


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  • This book held my interest from beginning to end. Mrs. Stein has written a useful and rare kind of historical biography, one that evokes a historical period and sets a record straight.

    Tracy Kidder

    The New York Times Book Review

  • A rich study of human drama and social history at the birth of the modern world... Ada comes remarkably alive in this book, passionate but at times neurotic, with almost too much self-awareness, and falling into disasters ranging from illness and accident to losses on the horses—all this is wonderfully preserved in her correspondence and is most ably presented here.

    Richard Gregory