Agenda for Reform
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Agenda for Reform

The Future of Employment Relationships and the Law

By William B. Gould IV

This is a very thoughtful treatment of an important subject. It is accessible to both general and professional readers.Ray Marshall, Former Secretary of Labor Member, Commision on the Future of Worker/Management Relations





This is a very thoughtful treatment of an important subject. It is accessible to both general and professional readers.

For years William Gould has argued for labor law reform that would facilitate trade union organization and collective bargaining. That position, which he expands upon in this latest book, is based on his belief in the value of pluralism, the importance of employee participation in the economy as well as the political process, and the effectiveness of unions in best advocating employee interests in the workplace. In the face of increased erosion in worker protection and weakening of the collective bargaining process, Gould proposes an agenda of reforms to balance the interests of management and workers, and to protect employee participation and job security. Each chapter presents in-depth summaries of developed areas of labor or employment law and related policies. At the core of Gould's discussion are the workings and usefulness of the National Labor Relations Act. Gould first provides a history of the past and current labor management relationships - how we got where we are today - and then reviews and evaluates such factors as the possible repeal or reform of the NLRA, the possible increase in worker participation plans, the change in the use of the strike weapon, wrongful discharge law, the protections afforded nonunion employees, and race relations as factors that will affect the future of the labor management relationship and, consequently, the future of industrial relations.


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  • William Gould's studious work focuses the spotlight on labor law and its necessary reforms both in substance and in interpretation. The author emphasizes the democratic values of independently based employee participative systems in advancing the good life within the healthy organization. It is altogether compelling that the book's detailed prescriptions for labor law reform demand careful study and attention by management, labor and our legislators. For underlying these proposed reforms is the recognition that labor and management, even within the adversarial relationship, have much in common in the joint search for mutually satisfactory solutions to the challenges of today's national economy.

    Irving Bluestone

    Professor of Labor Studies, Wayne State University Retired Vice President, United Auto Workers Union

  • Agenda for Reform puts to bed the myth that workers and their unions are impediment to our economic future, and will advance the living standards and economic well being of our nation.

    Jack Sheinkman

    President, Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union, AFL-CIO

  • William Gould has been a prolific writer on the labor management scene for many years. In this book he exhibits an acute understanding of the current state of labor law. Anyone involved in labor management relations should read Agenda for Reform.

    Doug Fraser

    President Emeritus of UAW