The AI Business

The AI Business

Commercial Uses of Artificial Intelligence

Edited by Patrick Henry Winston and Karen A. Prendergast




What is the bottom line on Artificial Intelligence? The AI Business offers a comprehensive summary of the commercial picture, present and future, for Artificial Intelligence in the computer industry, medicine, the oil industry, and electronic design. AI's brightest and best—financiers, researchers, and users—analyze current projects, speculate on trends in factory automation, compare research in Japan and the U.S., and note the pros and cons of investment opportunities.

ContentsExpert Systems • Amplifying Expertise with Expert Systems, Randall Davis (MIT) • XCON: An Expert Configuration System at Digital Equipment Corporation, Arnold Kraft (DEC) • DIPMETER ADVISOR: An Expert Logo Analysis System at Schlumberger, James D. Baker (Schlumberger) • CADUCEUS: An Experimental Expert System for Medical Diagnosis, Harry E. Pople, Jr. (University of Pittsburgh) • The Low Road, the Middle Road, and the High Road, John Seely Brown (Xerox) • Work and Play. Inventing the Future, Alan Kay (Atari) • The Engineer's Apprentice, Aryeh Finegold (Daisy Systems Corporation) • The Programmer's Apprentice, Charles Rich (MIT) • Intelligent Advisory Systems, Roger Schank (Cognitive Systems, Inc. and Yale University) • Natural Language Front Ends, Larry R. Harris (Artificial Intelligence Corporation) • Robotics. Intelligent Robots: Connecting Perception to Action, Michael Brady (MIT) • Intelligent Robots: Moving toward Megassembly, Philippe Villers (Automatix, Inc.) • Intelligent Robots: Myth or Reality, Paul M. Russo (GE) • Today and Tomorrow. The Problems and the Promise, Marvin Minsky (MIT) • An Investment Opportunity? Frederick R. Adler (Adler & Company) • Financing the Future, William H. Janeway (F. Eberstadt & Co., Inc.) • From the Blocks World to the Business World, Patrick H. Winston and Karen A. Prendergast (MIT) • How to Learn More


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Patrick Henry Winston

Patrick Henry Winston (1943–2019) was Ford Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at MIT.

Karen A. Prendergast