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Artificial Life XI


Artificial Life is an interdisciplinary effort to investigate the fundamental properties of living systems through the simulation and synthesis of life-like processes in artificial media. The field brings a powerful set of tools to the study of how high-level behavior can arise in systems governed by simple rules of interaction.

The rise of synthetic biology (constructing artificial living cells, engineering with living biological materials, etc.) and systems biology, with its focus on biological organizations above the gene (e.g., proteomics, metabolomics, etc.), means that topics proper to artificial life are becoming key research areas across science and engineering. Additionally, the kinds of agent-based simulations and complex systems methodologies pioneered within artificial life are growing in importance within a large number of fields (ecology, economics, sociology, transport, etc.). This makes ALIFE XI a potential watershed event at which artificial life has the opportunity to engage with, and offer a stimulating home for, some of the largest and most interesting of modern research questions.

For the first time, the proceedings of this multidisciplinary conference are available as an open-access online volume containing all accepted papers and abstracts.

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Complex Adaptive Systems

About the Editors

Richard A. Watson is a Senior Lecturer in the BIO@ECS Research Group, School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton.

Mark A. Bedau is Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Reed College, Adjunct Professor of Systems Science at Portland State University, and Editor-in-Chief of the MIT Press journal Artificial Life.