Beyond Natural Selection

Beyond Natural Selection

By Robert Wesson

A Bradford Book





In this broad and highly readable inquiry, Robert Wesson proposes an approach to evolution that is more in harmony with modern science than Darwinism or neoDarwinism. He emphasizes the importance for evolution of inner direction and the self-organizing capacities of life, a view that is better able to account for the chaotic nature of the evolutionary process and the inherent propensity of complex dynamic systems to grow more complex with time. Many examples of plants and animals support this idea, and Wesson includes both carefully documented scientific facts and intriguing anecdotes about the odd aberrations in natural selection. Books by Robert Wesson include Cosmos and Metacosmos.


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  • Wesson's well-written book provides a very rich metaphor for bringing evolutionary theory to grips with observed phenomena which seem to contradict it. Beyond Natural Selection will have a wide appeal for the general reader and should attract the attention of readers from a variety of disciplines.

    Professor Bruce H. Weber

    Professor and Chair Department of Biochemistry, California State University

  • Every biologist should read this sweeping vision of the character and meaning of the evolutionary process. Wesson's work can be compared to Richard Dawkins' The Blind Watchmaker; however, Wesson rides home a different philosophy. It is a less familiar one but more contemporary and more important. He is opening a new avenue that will have an impact on the thinking of a significant number of people.

    John H. Campbell

    University of California, Los Angeles

  • In many ways, this book is akin to a primer on current evolutionary theory. Yet, Wesson picks his points carefully as he builds the case that chaos theory offers a way of understanding order and pattern in evolution... a coherent presentation of many contemporary evolutionary conundrums as they might be addressed through a chaos framework.

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