The Blind Gallerist

By Johann König and Daniel Schreiber

Distributed for Sternberg Press





Forthcoming from the MIT Press


$26.95 T ISBN: 9783956796272 160 pp. | 5.25 in x 7.75 in 72 color illus., 3 b&w illus.

Not for sale in Europe or the UK.


  • It is a kind of personal statement of faith, and it makes for touching and sometimes funny reading [...] a fascinating text.

    Kito Nedo


  • The book not only tells the moving story of an accident, it also reflects our visual society—and reveals a lot about the mechanisms of the art world.

  • While reading this memoir you ask yourself again and again, how was this all possible, if your eyesight is so limited. […] this is a manifesto of someone who tells us what it is like to see and experience the world as a seeing person as well as a blind person. Always knowing that one will return to darkness eventually.