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Hardcover | $38.00 X | £28.95 | ISBN: 9780262232494 | 280 pp. | 7 x 9 in | 33 illus.| June 2006
eBook | $26.95 Short | ISBN: 9780262253949 | 280 pp. | 33 illus.| June 2006

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The Body and the Screen

Theories of Internet Spectatorship

About the Author

Michele White is Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Tulane University.


“The literature on new media is abundant, but few humanities scholars have directly interrogated the specific kinds of practices and aesthetics that the internet makes possible. The Body and the Screen does precisely this. White's sustained focus on technological mediation, informed by feminist and queer-theory approaches, makes a significant and needed contribution to the literature.”
Ken Hillis, Associate Professor of Media Studies, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Body and the Screen is a highly nuanced critical examination of the junction of the virtual and the real. By engaging cyberspace and the body together (and by not participating in the game of their free disassociation, as many media theorists do), White offers important arguments for the materiality of the experience of new media. This much-needed book marks an important step forward in critical studies of new media and the Internet.”
Steve Jones, Department of Communication, University of Illinois at Chicago