Brain Asymmetry

Brain Asymmetry

Edited by Richard J. Davidson and Kenneth Hugdahl

A Bradford Book




The twenty-three contributions in Brain Asymmetry provide a comprehensive survey of modern research on laterality and brain asymmetry, showcasing new approaches and novel domains in which knowledge of the asymmetrical functioning of the brain is a key issue for the complete understanding of the phenomenon. Of particular note is the inclusion of material on laterality, learning, attention, and emotion and their relation to subcortical and peripheral structures and processes. In addition, the clinical relevance of brain asymmetry for neuropsychological and psychopathological practice is surveyed. Following a preface and historical overview, chapters are divided into eight parts that cover: Phylogenetic Antecedents and Anatomical Bases; Perceptual, Cognitive, and Motor Lateralization; Attention and Learning; Central-Autonomic Integration; Emotional Lateralization; Interhemispheric Interaction; Ontogeny and Developmental Disabilities; and Psychopathology.

ContributorsMarie T. Banich, Brenda E. Berge, Carol A. Boliek, Halle D. Brown, Gerard E. Bruder, Richard J. Davidson, Marian Cleeves Diamond, Jack E. Downhill, Jane E. Edmonds, Albert M. Galaburda, Josh Hall, Anne Harrington, Kenneth M. Heilman, Joseph B. Hellige, Kenneth Hugdahl, George W. Hynd, J. Richard Jennings, Stephen M. Kosslyn, Richard D. Laine, David Warren Lewis, Jacqueline Liederman, Mario Liotti, Richard Marshall, John E. Obrzut, Michael Peters, Robert G. Robinson, Sidney J. Segalowitz, Justine Sergent, Don M. Tucker, Werner Wittling, Eran Zaidel

A Bradford Book


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Richard J. Davidson

Richard J. Davidson is the William James and Vilas Research Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin. He is coeditor of Brain Asymmetry (MIT Press, 1994) and Foundations in Social Neuroscience (MIT Press, 2001).

Kenneth Hugdahl

Kenneth Hugdahl is Professor of Biological and Medical Psychology at the University of Bergen, Norway. He is coeditor of Brain Asymmetry and The Asymmetrical Brain (2002), both published by the MIT Press.