Challenges and Choices Facing American Labor

Challenges and Choices Facing American Labor

By Thomas A. Kochan

With Industrial Relations





After decades of stability, labor-management relations are undergoing dramatic changes. The contributions collected in this book provide the best and most up-to-date summary of the extent and causes of this upheaval in industrial relations. They discuss challenges to union organizing, employer strategies for union avoidance, corporate investment and decision making, labor market and technological developments, developments in collective bargaining, unions and quality-of-work-life programs, and a comparison of labor movements in Canada and the U.S. An outgrowth of the Sloan Project, a three-year study of U.S. industrial relations in transition sponsored by the Sloan Foundation, this book brings together an impressive group of labor economists and industrial relations scholars, drawing on a variety of strong, incisive empirical studies.

ContributorsThomas A. Kochan, Michael J. Piore, Henry S. Farber, Richard B. Freeman, Janice A. Klein, David Wanger, Anil Verma, Lee Price, Robert B. McKersie, Paul Osterman, Harry C. Katz, Peter Cappelli, John T. Joyce, Nancy R. Mower, and Noah M. Meltz


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Industrial Relations.


  • Although the situation is still changing, this book provides the single best summary of what we know so far and will be widely cited.

    George Strauss

    Professor of Industrial Relations, University of California, Berkeley