Cognitive Modeling

Cognitive Modeling

Edited by Thad Polk and Colleen Seifert

A Bradford Book





Computational modeling plays a central role in cognitive science. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to computational models of human cognition. It covers major approaches and architectures, both neural network and symbolic; major theoretical issues; and specific computational models of a variety of cognitive processes, ranging from low-level (e.g., attention and memory) to higher-level (e.g., language and reasoning). The articles included in the book provide original descriptions of developments in the field. The emphasis is on implemented computational models rather than on mathematical or nonformal approaches, and on modeling empirical data from human subjects.


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Thad Polk

Colleen Seifert

Colleen M. Seifert is Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan.


  • During the past decade cognitive models have proved essential for understanding human learning, problem solving, decision making, and supervisory control. This book will enable a new generation of researchers to confront underlying scientific issues while focusing on the impressive recent achievements of cognitive modeling.

    Michael G. Shafto

    Computational Sciences Division, NASA Ames Research Center

  • A remarkably comprehensive sampling of recent work in cognitive modeling that would be a great resource for a course on the topic.

    Susan F. Chipman

    Manager, Cognitive Science Program, Office of Naval Research