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Data Science and the Unintended Consequences of Communication

In Decoding the Social World, Sandra González-Bailón shows how algorithms, crowdsourcing, and digital traces offer methods and data that can help us solve the puzzle of unintended consequences—a social paradox that has intrigued thinkers for centuries. Communication has always been the force that makes a collection of people more than the sum of individuals. The digital revolution—which is a continuation of previous technological revolutions—allows us to parse the information we generate by being social in new, imaginative ways.

The Global Effort for Open Access to Environmental Satellite Data

Key to understanding and addressing climate change is continuous and precise monitoring of environmental conditions. Satellites play an important role in collecting climate data, offering comprehensive global coverage that can’t be matched by in situ observation. And yet, as Mariel Borowitz shows in this book, much satellite data is not freely available but restricted; this remains true despite the data-sharing advocacy of international organizations and a global open data movement.