Composing Interactive Music

Composing Interactive Music

Techniques and Ideas Using Max

By Todd Winkler

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Interactive music refers to a composition or improvisation in which software interprets live performances to produce music generated or modified by computers. In Composing Interactive Music, Todd Winkler presents both the technical and aesthetic possibilities of this increasingly popular area of computer music. His own numerous compositions have been the laboratory for the research and development that resulted in this book.

The author's examples use a graphical programming language called Max. Each example in the text is accompanied by a picture of how it appears on the computer screen. The same examples are included as software on the accompanying CD-ROM, playable on a Macintosh computer with a MIDI keyboard.

Although the book is aimed at those interested in writing music and software using Max, the casual reader can learn the basic concepts of interactive composition by just reading the text, without running any software. The book concludes with a discussion of recent multimedia work incorporating projected images and video playback with sound for concert performances and art installations.


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262231930 368 pp. | 6.875 in x 10 in 198 illus., CD-ROM


$19.75 X | £15.99 ISBN: 9780262731393 368 pp. | 6.875 in x 10 in 198 illus., CD-ROM


  • For users of the programming environment Max, wishing to explore its full potential as an interactive music and multimedia tool, Todd Winkler's Composing Interactive Music is an indispensable guide. More importantly, Winkler's contribution to the interactive computer field shows both practical and conceptual originality.

    Cort Lippe

    Director, The Hiller Computer Music Studios, University at Buffalo-SUNY

  • Beyond a clear and thorough introduction to Max programming, Todd Winkler's Composing Interactive Music presents and explains a comprehensive theoretical framework encompassing the major issues inthe field.

    Robert Rowe

    Music Technology Program, New York University