Computer Environments for Children

Computer Environments for Children

A Reflection on Theories of Learning and Education

By Cynthia Solomon





What are computers in education being used for? In this book, Cynthia Solomon takes a welcome look at the possibilities and issues of learning with and about computers in schools or in any other learning environment.Solomon focuses on the use of computers within the framework of recent innovative theories of learning and education, particularly in elementary school mathematics. She devotes an entire chapter each to the work of Patrick Suppes, Robert Davis, Tom Dwyer, and Seymour Papert.

Cynthia Solomon received a doctorate in education from Harvard and has worked with Seymour Papert's group at MIT and with the Atari Research Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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  • [the book] frames many good questions in a way that will facilitate the intelligent discussion of technical and humanistic issues that relate to computer use in the classroom. While best suited for teachers, the book is appropriate for anyone who is interested in the application of computers in education. It is well written and highly readable...

    Journal of Educational Computing Research