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Hardcover | Out of Print | 228 pp. | 5.8 x 8.9 in | March 1991 | ISBN: 9780262193061
Paperback | $6.75 Short | £5.95 | 228 pp. | 5.8 x 8.9 in | September 1992 | ISBN: 9780262691581
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New Ways of Working in the Networked Organization


Computer networking is changing the way people work and the way organizations function. Connections is an accessible guide to the promise and the pitfalls of this latest phase of the computer revolution.Lee Sproull is Professor of Management at Boston University. Sara Kiesler is Professor of Social and Decision Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University.

About the Authors

Lee Sproull holds the Leonard N. Stern School Professorship of Business at the Stern School, New York University, and is currently Vice-Dean of the Faculty.

Sara Kiesler is Professor of Human Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. She has been elected into the CHI Academy by The Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (ACM SIGCHI) in recognition of her outstanding leadership and service in the field of computer-human interaction.


“Lee Sproull and Sara Kiesler examine change with an unusually discerning eye and a critical intelligence that tolerates ambiguity and conditions its claims.... In their balanced and insightful analysis, the authors urge us to understand that technologies may deliberately be used to reinforce a clear chain of command, to structure and even block pathways of information exchange, to suppress 'extracurricular' use of the system, and to improve security through surveillance.... Sproull and Kiesler raise crucial questions about our technical and particularly our human strategies as a producing society.”
Howard Webber, Sloan Management Review