Construction Site for Possible Worlds

Construction Site for Possible Worlds

Edited by Amanda Beech, Robin Mackay and James Wiltgen

The construction of other possible worlds: perspectives from philosophy, aesthetics, and art.

Distributed for Urbanomic




The construction of other possible worlds: perspectives from philosophy, aesthetics, and art.

tremendous force exerted by capital on contemporary life produces an aggressive and coercive “official reality,” the question of the construction of other possible worlds is ever-present and perhaps ever more urgent than ever.

This collection brings together different perspectives from the fields of philosophy, aesthetics, and art to discuss the mechanisms through which possible worlds are imagined, constructed, and instantiated, in the hope of overcoming the contemporary moment's deficit of imagination and its apparent fear of thinking possible and achievable alternatives.

Implicit in this dynamic between the imaginary and the possible is the question of how the imagination intertwines with both rationality and the inherited contingencies of the world we are born into. With no ascertainable ground on which to build, with no faith in any "given" that could guarantee our labors, how do we even envisage the construction site of possible worlds, and with what kind of language can we bring them into being?


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Amanda Beech

Amanda Beech is an artist and writer based in Los Angeles; she is Dean of Critical Studies at Caifornia Institute of the Arts (CalArts).

Robin Mackay

Robin Mackay is a philosopher and director of the UK arts organization Urbanomic and is Associate Researcher at Goldsmiths University of London.

James Wiltgen

James Wiltgen is a Lecturer at the California Institute of the Arts, and is a founding member and co-editor of the innovative journals Strategies: A Journal of Theory, Culture and Politics, and Emergences: Journal for the Study of Composite Cultures.