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Paperback | Out of Print | 342 pp. | July 1980 | ISBN: 9780262690690
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Control and Ideology in Organizations


Designed for use by undergraduate and graduate students in sociology and MBA courses on organizational development, these essays by prominent scholars provide a general overview of theory and research on organizations, from the classic work of Weber, Durkheim, and Marx, to the most recent theoretical and empirical advances.Control and Ideology in Organizations is recommended for graduate courses in the Sociology of Work and Organizations, and Complex Organizations, as well as for related courses in urban studies, political science, public administration, and management.Both Graeme Salaman and Kenneth Thompson are Senior Lecturers in Sociology at Britain's Open University.


“"Relevant and powerful. It represents a fine piece of work, carefully written, edited and sequenced." —John Van Maanen , Professor of Organizational Studies, Sloan School of Management, MIT”
“"The book is very up-to-date; in fact, it is the best synthetic treatment of organizations that I know of that incorporates the range of recent thinking and research. It is not only excellent on theory, but summarizes the major pieces of research, from the classic studies up through works of the 1970s. The writing is uniformaly quite good, and in a few places rises to a wonderful vividness."—Randall Collins , Professor of Sociology, University of Virginia”