The Copyright Book, Sixth Edition

The Copyright Book, Sixth Edition

A Practical Guide

By William S. Strong

An accessible and comprehensive guide to copyright law, updated to include new developments in infringement, fair use, and the impact of digital technology.





An accessible and comprehensive guide to copyright law, updated to include new developments in infringement, fair use, and the impact of digital technology.

Through five editions since 1981, this book has offered the most comprehensive accessible guide available to all aspects of copyright law. Now, with the sixth edition, The Copyright Book has been thoroughly updated to cover copyright for the Internet age, discussing a range of developments in the law since 2000. The only book written for nonlawyers that covers the entire field of copyright law, it is essential reading for authors, artists, creative people in every medium, the companies that hire them, users of copyrighted material, and anyone with an interest in copyright law from a policy perspective.

New material includes greatly expanded coverage of infringement and fair use, with detailed discussion of recent decisions, including the Grateful Dead, Google, and HathiTrust cases. The new edition considers such topics as open access, the defeat of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), file sharing, e-reserves, the status of “orphan works,” and the latest developments under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The sixth edition also brings up to date The Copyright Book's plain English explanation of such fundamental topics as authorship and ownership; transfers and licenses of copyright; copyright notice; registration of copyright (including the new online registration and “preregistration” systems); the scope of rights included in copyright, and exceptions to those rights; “moral rights”; compulsory licenses; tax treatment of copyright; and international aspects of copyright law.

As copyright issues grow ever more complicated, The Copyright Book becomes ever more indispensable.


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  • Mr. Strong, a named partner at a general practice Boston law firm, Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, writes in plain English and with verve. When the impulse seizes him, he unabashedly calls out judicial decisions that he disagrees with, and he does so cogently and without rancor. He's a pleasure to read, particularly by the non-lawyers to who his publishers say this book is written for, although I suspect that even knowledgeable lawyers would gain something from the book.

    Myer Kurtz

    PSP Bulletin


  • With this fresh and updated edition, William Strong continues to meet the enormous challenge of surveying much of copyright law in a single volume. In the process, he shares his provocative views about the growth of the law and the sometimes awkward handling of copyright dilemmas in Congress and the courts. This book offers practical insights about copyright law and sets the stage for many healthy debates from fair use to technological growth.

    Kenneth D. Crews

    attorney and professor based in Los Angeles; author of Copyright Law for Librarians and Educators, Third Edition

  • Praise for previous editions

    “An unsurpassable practical how-to-do-it guide.”—Law Books in Review

    “Written from the viewpoint of the creator of a work, this eloquent book provides comprehensive information concerning copyright law, supported by citations of relevant cases and the author's own dry wit.”—Bloomsbury Review

    “By far the best source available for the layman.”—Educational Technology

    “A welcome guide to all who must fish in these troubled waters.”—Louis Auchincloss