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Paperback | $29.00 Text | £19.95 | ISBN: 9780262730099 | 232 pp. | 5.25 x 7.9 in | March 1965

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Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine, second edition


Acclaimed one of the "seminal books . . . comparable in ultimate importance to . . . Galileo or Malthus or Rousseau or Mill", Cybernetics was judged by twenty-seven historians, economists, educators, and philosophers to be one of those books published during the "past four decades," which may have a substantial impact on public thought and action in the years ahead."—Saturday Review


"It appers impossible for anyone seriously interested in ourcivilization to ignore this book. It is a 'must' book forthose in every branch of science . . . in addition, economists,politicians, statesmen, and businessmen cannot afford to overlookcybernetics and its tremendous, even terrifying implications.

"It is a beautifully written book, lucid, direct, and despite itscomplexity, as readable by the layman as the trained scientist."
John B. Thurston, The Saturday Review of Literature