First Steps

Edited by Michael Benedikt




Cyberspace has been defined as "an infinite artificial world where humans navigate in information-based space" and as "the ultimate computer-human interface." However one defines it, this "virtual reality" is clearly both the strangest and most radically innovative of today's computer developments. These original contributions take up the philosophical basis for cyberspace in ancient thought, the relevance of the body in virtual realities, basic communications principles for cyberspace, the coming dematerialization of architecture, the logic of graphic representation into the third dimension, the design of a noncentralized system for multiparticipant cyberspaces, the ramifications of cyberspace for future workplaces, and a great deal more.


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Michael Benedikt

Michael Benedikt is Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin. He has taught at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard and is CEO of Mental Technology, Inc.