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Hardcover | $58.95 Trade | £43.95 | ISBN: 9780262025164 | 311 pp. | 9 x 11 in | 328 illus., 15 color| June 2002
Not for sale in the Czech Republic.

Czech Photographic Avant-Garde, 1918–1948

About the Author

Vladimír Birgus is Professor at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and Head of the Institute of Creative Photography at Silesian University in Opava. He is the author of numerous books on Czech and European photography, including Photographer František Drtikol, Czech Photography of the 1990s, and The Nude in Czech Photography.


“...a stunning book whose images abduct the reader into a world most of us only see in dreams.”—Evan Rail, The Prague Post
“A wonderful collection of images that will be unfamiliar to most readers. Highly recommended.”—Christian Perring, Ph.D., Metapsychology
“An unbelievable collection from some of the best relatively unknown photographers of the early avant-garde.”—Taylor Holland, The Austin Chronicle
“Now translated into English, this important book...expands our knowledge of the history of photography of this critical period.”—B&W Magazine
“ cannot but be startled by the depth and importance of the Czech tradition.”—Mark Pohlad, History of Photography
“The scholarship of the six contributors is formidable and will not soon be superseded.”—Alan G. Artner, Chicago Tribune
“...this book reveals the body of work that paved the way for later Czech photographers.”—Mark Wojahn, Rain Taxi Review of Books
“This remarkable collection will repay hours of study and belongs in the library of anyone who seriously studies modern photography.”—Choice Magazine


Named Best History Book in the 2002 Golden Light Awards Photographic Book of the Year competition sponsored by the Maine Photographic Workshops.