The Definition of Standard ML

By Robert Harper, Robin Milner and Mads Tofte




This book presents the official, formal definition of the programming language ML including the rules for grammar and static and dynamic semantics. ML is the most well-developed and prominent of a new group of functional programming languages. On the cutting edge of theoretical computer science, ML embodies the ideas of static typing and polymorphism and has also contributed a number of novel ideas to the design of programming languages.

ContentsSyntax of the Core • Syntax of Modules • Static Semantics for the Core • Static Semantics for Modules • Dynamic Semantics for Modules • Programs

Appendixes: Derived Forms • Full Grammar • The Initial Static Basis • The Initial Dynamic Basis • The Development of ML


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262132558 114 pp. | 7.75 in x 10 in


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262631327 114 pp. | 7.75 in x 10 in