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Paperback | $27.00 Short | £18.95 | ISBN: 9780262600163 | 200 pp. | 5.3 x 7.9 in | March 1988

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These conversations between two linguistic scholars who were also husband and wife cover such topics as the characterization of the phoneme, symbolist poetry, the genetic basis of language, linguistic universals, semiotic systems, and aphasia and the process of language acquisition by children. In an afterword Pomorska describes Jakobson's acquaintances, friendships, and collaborations with international poets and artists.


"Dialogues is a genuine conversation between two of the most highly respected Slavicists of our era. . ."
- Michael Sosa, World Literature Today

"The Dialogues are virtually Jakobson's spiritual autobiography and dramatically demonstrate the deep organic unity of his life's work and concerns. In particular, the book triumphantly shows the multiple interrelations, in Jakobson's research, between science and poetry, and between linguistics and poetics. It also reminds us again of the centrality of that work for contemporary thought."
- Fredric R. Jameson, Yale University

"This is not only a very informative account of Jakobson's astonishing life and work but also an entertainment."
- Frank Kermode