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Paperback | $28.00 Short | ISBN: 9780262531177 | 272 pp. | 7.7 x 9.9 in | March 1993
For sale only in the US and Canada.

Dictionary of Environment and Development

People, Places, Ideas, and Organizations


This concise reference offers readers a guide to a host of new terms that are being spawned as environment and development issues move to the forefront of international concerns. It covers ecological processes, tropical diseases, acronyms, and much more.


"'Dictionary' doesn't begin to do justice to what is really a 'desktop encyclopedia.",
D. Jane Pratt, UNCED Coordinator, The WorldBank

"Informative, suitably judgmental without being intrinsically so, and pleasantly rich in statistical backup...The major troublespots are well covered, such as forest loss and biodiversity, Antarctica, and the global warming debate, and a host often tendentious environment-development conflicts across the globe... and it is firmly up to date even in this very rapidly changing world."
Timothy O'Riordan, Times Higher Education Supplement