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Hardcover | $45.00 Short | £37.95 | 280 pp. | 6 x 9 in | July 2013 | ISBN: 9780262019675
eBook | $32.00 Short | July 2013 | ISBN: 9780262314565
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Distributed Morphology Today

Morphemes for Morris Halle


This collection offers a snapshot of current research in Distributed Morphology, highlighting the lasting influence of Morris Halle, a pioneer in generative linguistics. Distributed Morphology, which integrates the morphological with the syntactic, originated in Halle’s work. These essays, written to mark his 90th birthday, make original theoretical contributions to the field and emphasize Halle’s foundational contributions to the study of morphology.

The authors primarily focus on the issues of locality, exploring the tight connection of morphology to phonology, syntax and semantics that lies at the core of Distributed Morphology. The nature of phases, the notion of a morpho-syntactic feature, allomorphy and exponence, the synthetic/analytic alternation, stress assignment, and syntactic agreement are all shown to link to more than one grammatical module.

Animated discussion with students has been central to Halle’s research, and the development of Distributed Morphology has been shaped and continued by his students, many of whom have contributed to this volume. Halle’s support, advice, and enthusiasm encouraged the research exemplified here. In the Hallean tradition, these papers are sure to inspire all generations of morphologists.

Karlos Arregi, Jonathan David Bobaljik, Eulàlia Bonet, David Embick, Daniel Harbour, Heidi Harley, Alec Marantz, Tatjana Marvin, Ora Matushansky, Martha McGinnis, Andrew Nevins, Rolf Noyer, Isabel Oltra-Massuet, Mercedes Tubino Blanco, Susi Wurmbrand

About the Editors

Ora Matushansky is Director of Research at the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique, France, and Senior Research Fellow of Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

Alec Marantz is Professor of Linguistics and Psychology at New York University.