The Economics of Taxation

The Economics of Taxation

By Bernard Salanié





Out of Print ISBN: 9780262194860 236 pp. | 6 in x 9 in 14 illus.


  • Salanié deserves great credit for presenting the fundamental theory of taxation and its application in a concise and accessible form. Progressing from the basics of tax incidence, through optimal taxation to current policy debates, this book is suitable for a wide audience ranging from advanced undergraduate to beginning graduate students. I would recommend it without hesitation.

    Gareth D. Myles

    Professor of Economics, University of Exeter, and Institute for Fiscal Studies

  • The Economics of Taxation is a useful and concise guide to the modern economic theory of taxation. It will be especially useful for a graduate course in public economics, because the analytics are both sophisticated and well explained. The book nicely relates the modern theories to current policy debates in the United States and Europe, and thoughtfully discusses what theory can and cannot contribute to thse debates.

    Joel Slemrod

    Paul W. McCracken Collegiate Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy, University of Michigan

  • This clear, crisp text will be very valuable for teachers and students alike.

    Peter A. Diamond

    Professor of Economics, MIT