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Paperback | ISBN: 9780262581554 | 776 pp. | 8 x 10 in | August 1997

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The Evolution of Communication


Bound to become a classic and to stimulate debate and research, The Evolution of Communication looks at species in their natural environments as a way to begin to understand what the real units of analysis of communicating systems are, using arguments about design and function to illuminate both the origin and subsequent evolution of each system. It lights the way for a research program that seriously addresses the problem of how communication systems, including language, have been designed over the course of evolution.

About the Author

Marc D. Hauser is Professor of Psychology and Codirector of the Mind, Brain, and Behavior Program at Harvard University.


"Few writers have so far even attempted a general overview ofanimal communication, so Marc Hauser's book is timely if notoverdue. Hauser brings to the task a formidable knowledge of the field(his bibliography contains some 1,500 items) plus a lucid style and aninfectious enthusiasm that carry one smoothly through an immense mazeof information and make complex biological theories accessible even tothe uninitiated. For anyone concerned with the comparative study ofcommunication, this book is likely to remain an indispensable sourcefor some time to come." Derek Bickerton, Nature