Evolutionary Programming IV
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From Complex Adaptive Systems

Evolutionary Programming IV

Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Conference on Evolutionary Programming

Edited by John R. McDonnell, Robert G. Reynolds and David B. Fogel

A Bradford Book




March 1-3, 1995, San Diego, California Evolutionary programming is one of the predominate algorithms withing the rapidly expanding field of evolutionary computation. These edited contributions to the Fourth Annual Conference on Evolutionary Programming are by leading scientists from academia, industry, and defense. The papers describe both the theory and practical application of evolutionary programming, as well as other methods of evolutionary computation including evolution strategies, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, and cultural algorithms.

Topics include :- Novel Areas of Evolutionary Programming and Evolution Strategies.- Evolutionary Computation with Medical Applications.- Issues in Evolutionary Optimization Pattern Discovery, Pattern Recognition, and System Identification.- Hierarchical Levels of Learning.- Self-Adaptation in Evolutionary Computation.- Morphogenic Evolutionary Computation.- Issues in Evolutionary Optimization.- Evolutionary Applications to VLSI and Part Placement.- Applications of Evolutionary Computation to Biology and Biochemistry Control.- Applications of Evolutionary Computation.- Genetic and Inductive Logic Programming.- Genetic Neural Networks.- The Future of Evolutionary Computation. A Bradford Book. Complex Adaptive Systems series


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262133173 827 pp. | 10.1 in x 7.2 in


John R. McDonnell

Robert G. Reynolds

David B. Fogel