Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology

Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology

By Daniel Johnston and Samuel Miao-Sin Wu

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with simulations and illustrations by Richard Gray Problem solving is an indispensable part of learning a quantitative science such as neurophysiology. This text for graduate and advanced undergraduate students in neuroscience, physiology, biophysics, and computational neuroscience provides comprehensive, mathematically sophisticated descriptions of modern principles of cellular neurophysiology. It is the only neurophysiology text that gives detailed derivations of equations, worked examples, and homework problem sets (with complete answers). Developed from notes for the course that the authors have taught since 1983, Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology covers cellular neurophysiology (also some material at the molecular and systems levels) from its physical and mathematical foundations in a way that is far more rigorous than other commonly used texts in this area.


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  • This book is a treasure. It offers lucid, quantitative treatments of many key topics in cellular neurophysiology. It will be an invaluable source for students as well as workers in the field.

    Denis Baylor

    MD, Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurobiology, Stanford University School of Medicine

  • Cellular neurophysiology is a field of biophysics, and must be studied in a quantitative manner, Foundations of Cellular Neurophysiology by Daniel Jonston and Samuel Wu offers an excellent guide to those who want to study neurophysiology quantitatively. By introducing calculus and simple mathematics in small steps, the authors describe neuronal events in an accurate yet understandable way.

    Akimichi Kaneko, MD

    Professor, Department of Physiology, Keio University School of Medicine