Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy

By Wayne R. Moore




Moore Special Tool Company, Inc., of Bridgeport, Conn., U.S.A., has built a world-wide reputation since 1924, both as a manufacturer of special tooling to extremely close accuracies and of machine tools which make possible a very high degree of precision. In the latter category, its jig borers, jig grinders, measuring machines, and the accessories related to this equipment are considered to be among the best of its kind produced in the industrial world.

A simultaneous characteristic of the company is its desire—and rare ability—to communicate the intimate knowledge it has acquired of these specialties to a wide audience. “The Moore Literature Library” is well-known within the industries it serves. Besides a wide-array of brochures and case-history material, Moore in 1946 published a 448-page book, Precision Hole Location, by J. Robert Moore, and in 1954, Holes, Contours and Surfaces, by F. C. Victory and Richard F. Moore. These two books, devoted to jig boring and jig grinding, have sold over 40,000 copies. The latter book is still in print.

In this third book, Wayne R. Moore has assembled in the 350 pages of Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy the company's intimate knowledge of and experience with mechanical accuracy, and how to achieve it. He illustrated his text to achieve it. He has illustrated his text with over 500 original photographs and drawings. This book tells how to attain precision in manufacturing to millionths of an inch and how to control such precision by appropriate measuring techniques.

This book is divided into four main sections: geometry, standards of length, dividing the circle, and roundness. A fifth section covers “Universal Measuring Machine Techniques and Applications.”


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