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Hardcover | Out of Print | ISBN: 9780262162128 | 256 pp. | 6 x 9 in | 8 illus.| August 2002
Paperback | $22.95 Trade | £17.95 | ISBN: 9780262661874 | 256 pp. | 6 x 9 in | 8 illus.| September 2004

Garbage Wars

The Struggle for Environmental Justice in Chicago

About the Author

David Naguib Pellow is Don A. Martindale Endowed Chair in Sociology at the University of Minnesota. Among his books are the award-winning Garbage Wars: The Struggle for Environmental Justice in Chicago (MIT Press, 2002) and Power, Justice, and the Environment: A Critical Appraisal of the Environmental Justice Movement (coedited with Robert Brulle; MIT Press, 2005.)


“...insightfully assesses the ability of those at the bottom of the heap to mount an effective resistance for environmental justice.”—Jack Smith, Environment
“...An indispensable book for anyone interested in waste...or the continued effects of racism and classism in American society.”—Elizabeth D. Blum, The Public Historian


“This is one of the most original, thought-provoking works on environmental justice that I have seen in some time. Its significance lies in Pellow's unique ability to get at the often unspoken issues that affect the movement and its future direction.”
Jim Schwab, American Planning Association, author of Deeper Shades of Green
Garbage Wars provides a detailed and fascinating historical account of an important environmental issue. David Pellow demonstrates that links between waste disposal and environmental injustice are not a recent phenomenon but rather have existed for a century and more. He shows that environmental inequalities result from a complex struggle among multiple stakeholders with varying interests and access to power. This is a truly groundbreaking work that uncovers the roots of an important environmental and social problem.”
Paul Mohai, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan
“Pellow employs the notion of the 'treadmill of production' along with theoretical insights from race and ethnic studies to reveal the contradictions and complexities of the urban recycling and waste management economy. With the publication of Garbage Wars, David Pellow has established himself as one of foremost theorists and researchers on environmental inequalities and enviornmental justice.”
Frederick H. Buttell, Professor of Rural Sociology and Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Co-winner of the 2002 C. Wright Mills Award, presented by the Society for the Study of Social Problems (SSSP)