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Hardcover | $68.00 Short | £46.95 | ISBN: 9780262041263 | 402 pp. | 6.3 x 9.1 in | August 1991

Global Warming

Economic Policy Responses


Global warming is debated largely in environmental terms. The contributions in this book focus instead on the economic effects of global warming, providing an excellent summary of current thinking on this important issue. They raise such crucial questions as: Which countries will suffer the most from climate change? What economic initiatives could be adopted to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and chlorofluorocarbons? How will different nations fare under various proposals? What are the prospects for international cooperation?

Contents: Is There a Global Warming Problem? Andrew R. Solow. Economic Approaches to Greenhouse Warming, William D. Nordhaus. Tax Policy to Combat Global Warming: On Designing a Carbon Tax. James M. Poterba. Technological Substitution Options for Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions, David W. Pearce. Economic Responses to Climate Change: A European Perspective, Emilio Gerelli. Economic Responses to Global Warming/International Burden Sharing and Coordination: Prospects for Cooperative Approaches to Global Warming, T.C. Schelling, The International Incidence of Carbon Taxes, John Whalley. Global Warming Initiatives: The Pacific Rim, Hirofumi Uzawa. Optional for Slowing Amazon jungle-Clearing, Eustaquio Reis and Sergio Margulis. Discussants: Lars Bergman, William R. Cline, Peter Diamond, Lester B. Lave, Alan Manne, John P. Martin, Thorvald Moe, David M. Newbery, Norman J. Rosenberg, Lutz Wicke, Gerrit Zalm.

About the Editor

James M. Poterba is Mitsui Professor in the Department of Economics at MIT. He has been Director of the NBER Public Economics Research Program since 1991 and has edited volumes 6-20 of Tax Policy and the Economy.