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Hardcover | Out of Stock | 1271 pp. | 6.8 x 9.5 in | January 1997 | ISBN: 9780262220538
Paperback | $110.00 X | £75.95 | 1271 pp. | 6.8 x 9.5 in | January 1997 | ISBN: 9780262525718
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Handbook of Logic and Language


The combined study of logic and language goes back at least as far as the Middle Ages. In the last twenty-five years it has gained momentum with the formulation of Montague semantics and Generative Syntax, and the subsequent diversification of research programs.The Handbook of Logic and Language is the first comprehensive survey of the field. The twenty chapters show both sides of the interaction between logic and language: how logical systems are designed and modified in response to linguistic needs, and how mathematical theory arises out of this process and affects subsequent linguistic theory.Contributors : N. Asher, D. Beaver, W. Buszkowski, D. de Jongh, J. E. Fenstad, J. Groenendijk, H. Hendriks, J. Higginbotham, J. Hintikka, T. M. V. Janssen, H. Kamp, E. J. Keenan, J. T. L√łnning, E. Martin, M. J. Moortgat, L. S. Moss, R. Muskens, D. Osherson, B. H. Partee, F. J. Pelletier, W. C. Rounds, G. Sandu, J. Seligman, M. Steedman, M. Stokhof, R. H. Thomason, R. Turner, J. van Benthem, J. van Eijck, A. Visser, D. Westerst√•hl

About the Editor

Johan van Benthem is University Professor of Pure and Applied Logic at the University of Amsterdam and Henry Waldgrave Stuart Professor of Philosophy at Stanford University. He is the author of Language in Action: Categories, Lambdas, and Dynamic Logic (MIT Press), Exploring Logical Dynamics, Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction, and other books.