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Edited by William S. Beck




For some years Harvard Medical School has furnished its first- and second-year students with syllabus materials and lecture notes as part of its course of instruction in the various branches of pathophysiology. In order to make these volumes available to a wider audience, the faculty has undertaken to edit and publish them as a series to be known as the Harvard Pathophysiology Series. Hematology, the first volume of the series, is edited Professor William S. Beck, chairman of the second-year hematology course at Harvard Medical School and of the first-year hematology course in the Harvard-MIT Program in the Health Sciences. Gastroenterology and Cardiology are tentatively scheduled to appear as Volumes 2 and 3. Other volumes will follow.

Hematology consists of 23 lectures that provide a brief but intensive survey of the biology, physiology, and pathophysiology of blood and the bloodforming organs with systematic consideration of hematopoiesis, the “formed elements,” blood groups, immunoglobulins and other plasma proteins, and blood coagulation.

Contents Erythropoiesis and Introduction to the Anemias, William S. Beck • Iron Metabolism and the Hypochromic Anemias, William S. Beck • Heme Metabolism and the Porphyrias, Stephen H. Robinson • Structure and Function of Hemoglobin and Its Variants, H. Franklin Bunn • Megaloblastic Anemias I. Vitamin B12 Deficiency, William S. Back • Megaloblastic Anemias II. Folic Acid Deficiency, William S. Beck • Normocytic Anemias of Bone Marrow Failure, William S. Beck • Hemolytic Anemias I. Immunohemolytic Disorders, James H. Jandl • Hemolytic Anemias II. Membrane and Metabolic Disorders, James H. Jandl • Hemolytic Anemias III. Hemoglobinopathic Disorders, David G. Nathan • Blood Groups I. Physiology, Chester A. Alper • Blood Groups II. Pathology and Transfusion Therapy, Irving Umansky • Granulocytes I. Physiology, William S. Beck • Granulocytes II, Pathology, William S. Beck • Myeloproliferative Disorders I. The Polycythemias, William B. Castle • Myeloproliferative Disorders II. The Leukemias, Herman A. Godwin • Malignant Lymphoma, Alan C. Aisenberg • Plasma Cell Disorders and the Dysproteinemias, Chester A. Alper • Histiocytoses and the Lipidoses, Allen C. Crocker • Hemorrhagic Disorders I. The Hemostatic Mechanism, Daniel Deykin • Hemorrhagic Disorders II. Platelets and Purpura, Robert W. Colman • Hemorrhagic Disorders III. Diagnostic Principles, Daniel Deykin • Hemorrhagic Disorders IV. Intravascular Coagulation and Fibrinolysis, Robert W. Colman • Index


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262021029 484 pp. |


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262520300 484 pp. |


William S. Beck

William S. Beck has taught the hematology courses at Harvard for many years. He is Professor of Medicine at the Harvard Medical School, Director of the Hematology Research Laboratory at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Professor at the Harvard-NUT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, and Tutor in Biochemical Sciences at Harvard College.