HEMAVID - Version 3.0

HEMAVID - Version 3.0

By Henry Chueh and William S. Beck

With Wilson Hayes




HEMAVID offers students and physicians easy access to a large library of images of blood and bone marrow morphology, with descriptions by one of the world's foremost authorities on the subject. The program was developed at Harvard Medical School to accompany the fifth edition of William S. Beck's text, Hematology. It can be used in conjunction with courses using that book, with review courses in hospitals or medical schools, or for self-study. In all there are more than 1,300 images divided into five categories:- Blood and Bone Marrow Methods- Red Cells- White Cells- Megakaryocytes and Platelets- InfectionsThe program includes an extensive hierarchical menu that permits users to examine multiple examples of all of the major hematologic disorders discussed in Hematology. The accompanying descriptions cross-reference the text. Specifications: The program requires an IBM-compatible computer running Windows, with a CD-ROM drive, a 24-bit True Color card, and a 680 x 480 VGA monitor.


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Wilson Hayes.