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Hardcover | Out of Print | ISBN: 9780262025492 | 272 pp. | 7 x 9 in | 30 illus.| March 2004
Paperback | $23.95 Trade | £17.95 | ISBN: 9780262524414 | 272 pp. | 7 x 9 in | 30 illus.| February 2005

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How Images Think

About the Author

Ron BURNETT is President of Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design in Vancouver, and Artist/Designer at the New Media Innovation Center. He is the author of Cultures of Vision: Images, Media, and the Imaginary and the editor of Explorations in Film Theory.


“I didn't expect this book to take me where it did, and when I came back to my everyday world it didn't feel the same any more. Eldon Garnet employs a deadpan narrative that heightens one's awareness of the possibility for evil on your own street. It's a terrific book.”
Douglas Coupland, novelist and visual artist
“An arresting document suffused with moments of intense and beautiful poetry, with a bold and expansive vision of culture.”
Derrick de Kerckhove, Director, McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology, University of Toronto
How Images Think maps afresh the territory of how we engage with new media. Burnett challenges us to rethink our interpretation of the changing mediascape in which images are used as the main form of interaction and communication. It is crucial reading for those interested in understanding the relationships we have with the images that surround us.”
Ilana Snyder, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Monash University
“This insightful investigation of how digital—and other—images modify, if not rule, the way we think is urgent reading for those among us who spend more than half their lives glued to one screen or another (TV, computer, PDA, cellphone, etc). That is, most of us.”
Derrick de Kerckhove,, Director, McLuhan Program in Culture & Technology, University of Toronto