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Paperback | $14.89 X | £12.95 | 270 pp. | 4.5 x 7 in | May 1990 | ISBN: 9780936756608
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If You're A Girl


Elizabeth LeComte: Alright, I want to know something and I want the straight dope. Were you ever in the sack with this guy? Ann Rower: With [Timothy] Leary? Willem Dafoe: Oh, here it is... " Ann and I ambled up to the bedroom." [laughter] Ann Rower: Ah, he was a liar. He's so dishonest. I mean, he was a classic paranoid... but like most paranoids he turned out to be right . . . Ann Rower writes like Dorothy Parker as if she'd taken acid to come down from speed. Funny, sad and smart, Rower's fiction is a devious transcription of life as it morphs into stories that turn into still more stories, palimpsets inscribed in a true confessional mode: a transfiction. If You're A Girl, published in 1990, includes Rower's story about Timothy Leary's Millbrook days, which formed the basis of The Wooster Group's acclaimed play LSD . . . Just The High Points. Perhaps the most distinguished American writer ever to have babysat for Timothy Leary.


“Astonishing, utterly charming and unabashedly autobiographical. If You're A Girl is as intentional as the finest fiction, yet reads like a person letter or a conversation late at night.”
David Ulin, L.A. Weekly