Inclusion on Purpose

Inclusion on Purpose

An Intersectional Approach to Creating a Culture of Belonging at Work

By Ruchika Tulshyan

Foreword by Ijeoma Oluo

How organizations can foster diversity, equity, and inclusion: taking action to address and prevent workplace bias while centering women of color.





How organizations can foster diversity, equity, and inclusion: taking action to address and prevent workplace bias while centering women of color.

Few would disagree that inclusion is both the right thing to do and good for business. Then why are we so terrible at it? If we believe in the morality and the profitability of including people of diverse and underestimated backgrounds in the workplace, why don't we do it? Because, explains Ruchika Tulshyan in this eye-opening book, we don't realize that inclusion takes awareness, intention, and regular practice. Inclusion doesn't just happen; we have to work at it. Tulshyan presents inclusion best practices, showing how leaders and organizations can meaningfully promote inclusion and diversity.

Tulshyan centers the workplace experience of women of color, who are subject to both gender and racial bias. It is at the intersection of gender and race, she shows, that we discover the kind of inclusion policies that benefit all. Tulshyan debunks the idea of the “level playing field” and explains how leaders and organizations can use their privilege for good by identifying and exposing bias, knowing that they typically have less to lose in speaking up than a woman of color does. She explains why “leaning in” doesn't work—and dismantling structural bias does; warns against hiring for “culture fit,” arguing for “culture add” instead; and emphasizes the importance of psychological safety in the workplace—you need to know that your organization has your back. With this important book, Tulshyan shows us how we can make progress toward inclusion and diversity—and we must start now.

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Ijeoma Oluo.


  • “As a woman of color and an executive, I know firsthand how important it is for companies to create opportunities for women of color to lead. Inclusion on Purpose shows how to build an inclusive workplace and culture through storytelling and practical frameworks. Whether you are a manager or you want to become one, this book is essential reading!”

    Reema Batnagar

    VP People, Pixar Animation Studios

  • “If you don't purposefully design management systems for justice, you're going to create systemic injustice in your organization. Ruchika Tulshyan shows how to design more just systems—and, crucially, how to become the inclusive leader and colleague you want to be.”

    Kim Scott

    author of Radical Candor and Just Work

  • “Tulshyan masterfully unmasks the context, cultures, and challenges that women of color uniquely face. She also provides smart frameworks to significantly transform their workplace experiences. A must-read for everyone seeking to practice inclusion!”

    Dr. Tsedal Neeley

    Professor, Harvard Business School; author of Remote Work Revolution

  • “Ruchika Tulshyan is an inspiring inclusion luminary of this generation. She sheds light on the intersectional experiences and critical needs of women of color and shows why belonging is an essential cultural metric for them to thrive at work. Inclusion on Purpose is imperative for change leaders in organizations who want to mitigate workplace bias, stereotypes, and microaggressions with actions that address systemic barriers and help foster a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture.”

    Dr. Cindy Pace

    Vice President and Global Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, MetLife

  • “Urgent and practical, this no-nonsense book explains the lived experiences of women of color in the workplace and why true inclusion at work is non-negotiable for any organization that wants to succeed in a multicultural world. Ruchika Tulshyan tells it like it is—and as it must be. Ignore at your peril.”

    Des Dearlove and Stuart Crainer

    founders, Thinkers50

  • “Ruchika Tulshyan is on a mission to fix our broken workplaces by tearing down barriers. Her solution is inclusion on purpose and with empathy, and she walks through the steps to get there. Her frameworks and questions, real-world stories and data, and intersectional lens make this book a must-read for leaders and learners.”

    Ellen Pao

    CEO, Project Include; author of Reset