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Hardcover | $13.75 Short | £11.95 | 650 pp. | 6.3 x 8.9 in | October 1999 | ISBN: 9780262024655
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Industrializing Knowledge

University-Industry Linkages in Japan and the United States


There is intense public interest in the role of universities as a source of science-based innovations. To increase our understanding of this role, this book compares the economic effects of university research in the United States and Japan--countries similar in economic and technological capabilities but different in culture, tradition, and institutional structure. Incorporating historical, sociological, and industrial perspectives, the book discusses both the mechanics of university-industry interactions and how policies encouraging such interactions can address regional and national needs.Some of the results of this comparative study are surprising. For example, contrary to common assumptions, collaboration between individual faculty members and colleagues in industry appears to be as high in Japan as it is in the United States. It also becomes clear that it is the pace of technological change, more than government incentives, that puts universities in the position of driving the most exciting areas of business growth. Finally, although universities are vital to the networks that lead to innovation-based growth, experience in both Japan and the United States suggests that policies aimed at transforming economically depressed areas through the promotion of university-based ventures are difficult to implement when the environment for economic transformation is weak.Contributors : Lewis M. Branscomb, Amy B. Candell, Y. T. Chien, Henry Etzkowitz, Irwin Feller, Richard Florida, Michael S. Fogarty, Gerald Hane, Takehiko Hashimoto, Adam B. Jaffe, Sumio Kakinuma, Shingo Kano, Robert Kneller, Fumio Kodama, Hiroto Kotake, Josh Lerner, David C. Mowery, Masamitsu Negishi, Richard R. Nelson, Fujio Niwa, Hiroyuki Odagiri, Seiritsu Ogura, Yoshiyuki Ohtawa, Kenneth Pechter, Bhaven N. Sampat, Amit Sinha, Sheryl Winston Smith, Yuan Sun, Katsuya Tamai, Shinichi Yamamoto, Mariko Yoshihara, Arvids Ziedonis.

About the Editor

Lewis M. Branscomb is Aetna Professor in Public Policy and Corporate Management, Emeritus, at Harvard University.


“A must read for the full spectrum of audiences interested in the unique role research universities can play in industrial innovation for the global economy of the 21st century. By comparing policy and practices in the U.S. and Japan in the context of experiential data, the authors separate fact from fantasy to characterize 'road maps' for the complex interactions of academia, industry, and politics.”
Joe B. Wyatt, Chancellor, Vanderbilt University, and Chairman, Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable
“As we head for total immersion in the knowledge age, it is essential-- even imperative-- that we foster understanding of the networks and processes that link academia, industry, and government. In Industrializing Knowledge, Branscomb, Kodama, and Florida have signigicantly advanced our understanding of how things work in Japan and the US. The book is rich with data and insights that sustain the idea that the real world is not always what we assume.”
John H. Gibbons, Senior Fellow, National Academy of Engineering