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| 413 pp. | 7 x 9.1 in | ISBN:

Intelligent Multimedia Interfaces

Edited by Mark T. Maybury


This collection of original contributions reports on key advances in intelligent (knowledge-based) user interfaces that exploit multiple media—text, graphics, maps—and multiple modalities—visual, auditory, gestural—to facilitate human-computer interaction. Chapters are grouped into three sections that address automated presentation design, intelligent multimedia interfaces, and architectural and theoretical issues.

Although humans have a natural facility for managing and exploiting multiple input and output media, computers do not. Consequently, providing machines with the ability to interpret multimedia input and generate multimedia output would be a valuable facility for a number of key applications such as information retrieval and analysis, training and decision support. Successful intelligent multimedia interfaces require theories and technologies from a host of disciplines, including computational linguistics, computer graphics, cognitive science, human computer interaction, and computer-supported cooperative work—all of them represented in this collection.

About the Editor

Mark Maybury is Executive Director of the Information Technology Division at the MITRE Corporation.