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Hardcover | $85.00 X | £70.95 | 752 pp. | 7 x 9 in | 31 figures, 1 table | January 2010 | ISBN: 9780262013697
eBook | $85.00 X | January 2010 | ISBN: 9780262333139
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Introduction to Quantitative Finance

A Math Tool Kit


This text offers an accessible yet rigorous development of many of the fields of mathematics necessary for success in investment and quantitative finance, covering topics applicable to portfolio theory, investment banking, option pricing, investment, and insurance risk management. The approach emphasizes the mathematical framework provided by each mathematical discipline, and the application of each framework to the solution of finance problems. It emphasizes the thought process and mathematical approach taken to develop each result instead of the memorization of formulas to be applied (or misapplied) automatically. The objective is to provide a deep level of understanding of the relevant mathematical theory and tools that can then be effectively used in practice, to teach students how to “think in mathematics” rather than simply to do mathematics by rote.

Each chapter covers an area of mathematics such as mathematical logic, Euclidean and other spaces, set theory and topology, sequences and series, probability theory, and calculus, in each case presenting only material that is most important and relevant for quantitative finance. Each chapter includes finance applications that demonstrate the relevance of the material presented. Problem sets are offered on both the mathematical theory and the finance applications sections of each chapter. The logical organization of the book and the judicious selection of topics make the text customizable for a number of courses. The development is self-contained and carefully explained to support disciplined independent study as well. A solutions manual for students provides solutions to the book’s Practice Exercises; an instructor’s manual offers solutions to the Assignment Exercises as well as other materials.

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About the Author

Robert R. Reitano is Professor of the Practice in Finance at Brandeis University's International Business School. He was formerly Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Strategist of John Hancock/Manulife.


“Robert R. Reitano has written an ambitious and beautiful book.”—Marcus Emmanuel Barnes, MAA Review


“Reitano's book covers a broad range of mathematics used in quantitative finance without requiring a higher level mathematics degree. This will be an all-in-one reference for a wide variety of professionals and students, and could potentially replace several more focused books on the readers' bookshelves. A highly recommended resource.”
Robert Kimmel, Department of Finance, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University