Investigations in Algebra

From Exploring with LOGO

Investigations in Algebra

An Approach to Using Logo

By Albert A. Cuoco




Investigations in Algebra departs from a preoccupation with calculus as the ultimate goal of and the universal introduction to advanced mathematics by using Logo to explore combinatorics, number theory, the study of discrete functions, and other topics that are not on the traditional path to calculus. This approach encourages students to participate actively in exciting mathematics, developing in them a facility for abstraction and an appreciation for the power of mathematical methods. Most of the projects in the first two parts of the book have been worked through by students at Woburn High School, often without assistance from a teacher. In three parts, Investigations in Algebra emphasizes the treatment of functions as concrete objects modeled as Logo procedures, applies the techniques of induction and recursion to combinatorial problems, and takes up topics in number theory (including unique factorization congruence, and multiplicative functions). Integral to the presentation are numerous carefully constructed problems routine exercises, long term projects, and open ended experiments - developed in twenty years of classroom use.

Investigations in Algebra is included in the series Exploring with Logo, edited by E. Paul Goldenberg.


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