The Invisible Heart

The Invisible Heart

An Economic Romance

By Russell Roberts

A lively, unorthodox look at economics, business, and public policy told in the form of a novel.
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A lively, unorthodox look at economics, business, and public policy told in the form of a novel.

A love story that embraces the business and economic issues of the day?

The Invisible Heart takes a provocative look at business, economics, and regulation through the eyes of Sam Gordon and Laura Silver, teachers at the exclusive Edwards School in Washington, D.C. Sam lives and breathes capitalism. He thinks that most government regulation is unnecessary or even harmful. He believes that success in business is a virtue. He believes that our humanity flourishes under economic freedom. Laura prefers Wordsworth to the Wall Street Journal. Where Sam sees victors, she sees victims. She wants the government to protect consumers and workers from the excesses of Sam's beloved marketplace.

While Sam and Laura argue about how to make the world a better place, a parallel story unfolds across town. Erica Baldwin, the crusading head of a government watchdog agency, tries to bring Charles Krauss, a ruthless CEO, to justice. How are these two dramas connected? Why is Sam under threat of dismissal? Will Erica Baldwin find the evidence she needs? Can Laura love a man with an Adam Smith poster on his wall? The answers in The Invisible Heart give the reader a richer appreciation for how business and the marketplace transform our lives.


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  • A page-turning, well-written love story that also teaches an impressive amount of good economics.

    Milton Friedman

    Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Nobel Laureate in Economics

  • The Invisible Heart should be required reading for every politician and bureaucrat who has lost touch with the romance of what happens outside of Washington, DC. Sam Gordon is a modern-day hero—impassioned by logic, inspired by free markets, and impelled by love. Russell Roberts has crafted a charming and clever tale sure to captivate readers with an endearing combination of economics and emotion.

    Declan McCullagh

    Washington Bureau Chief,