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Hardcover | Out of Print | 964 pp. | 6 x 8.9 in | February 1998 | ISBN: 9780262150453
Paperback | Out of Print | 964 pp. | 6 x 8.9 in | February 1998 | ISBN: 9780262650465
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An Invitation to Cognitive Science, Second Edition, Volume 4

Methods, Models, and Conceptual Issues


An Invitation to Cognitive Science provides a point of entry into the vast realm of cognitive science by treating in depth examples of issues and theories from many subfields. The first three volumes of the series cover Language, Visual Cognition, and Thinking.

Volume 4, Methods, Models, and Conceptual Issues, expands the series in new directions. The chapters span many areas of cognitive science—including artificial intelligence, neural network models, animal cognition, signal detection theory, computational models, reaction-time methods, and cognitive neuroscience. The volume also offers introductions to several general methods and theoretical approaches for analyzing the mind, and shows how some of these approaches are applied in the development of quantitative models.

Rather than general and inevitably superficial surveys of areas, the contributors present "case studies"—detailed accounts of one or two achievements within an area. The goal is to tell a good story, challenging the reader to embark on an intellectual adventure.

About the Editors

Saul Sternberg is Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Daniel N. Osherson is at MIT.