Japans Reshaping of American Labor Law

Japans Reshaping of American Labor Law

By William B. Gould IV





This pioneering comparative study of Japanese and American labor law reveals a labor-relations system superficially resembling our own but shaped by an entirely different culture, and with a marked impact on Japan's economic success.

Among Gould's findings are that the Japanese have adopted American labor law so as to create a relationship between labor and management that is lasting, harmonious, and productive; their system for dealing with job security and unfair labor practices is less confrontational than ours, their law more neutral - and it is easier in Japan for companies to share strategic information with their employees. Gould makes a number of recommendations for change in US labor law while noting that Japan also has problems and its mechanisms for dealing with conflict share many snags with their American counterparts.


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  • The first major contribution on comparative aspects of Japanese and American labor practices outside of the legal and trade literature, the book goes a long way toward sorting out some of the answers to the question, 'How do they do it?' as well as that question's inevitable follow-up 'What can we (or should we) learn from them?'

    Jennifer Friesen

    Michigan Law Review