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Paperback | $47.00 Short | £34.95 | ISBN: 9780262571630 | 538 pp. | 6 x 9 in | March 2003

Language in Mind

Advances in the Study of Language and Thought

About the Editors

Dedre Gentner is Professor of Psychology and Education and Director of the Cognitive Science Program at Northwestern University.

Susan Goldin-Meadow is Professor of Psychology and

an affiliate of the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Chicago.


“Remember the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis—the idea that the language you speak shapes the way you think? It's been pronounced dead a number of times in the past fifty years, and yet it just won't go away. To understand why not, read Language in Mind. There the leading scholars in the field take a fresh look at Sapir-Whorf and offer intriguing new evidence for it. But they do more than just revive the hypothesis. They rework it and give it a genuinely new shape as they show how it bears on a range of new issues in language and thinking. It is this revised perspective that will inspire the next generation of thinking and research on the way language affects thought.”
Herbert H. Clark, Department of Psychology, Stanford University
“The current status of the linguistic relativity debate is laid out in this volume, in a series of position papers and experimental demonstrations, by some of the most interesting and theoretically diverse investigators working in this area today. The book presents strong arguments on both sides. It aims to stimulate enlightened debate rather than to settle the matter. Definitely required reading for both psychologists and linguists interested in whether and how a language influences the way its users think.
—Lila Gleitman, Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania”
Lila Gleitman, Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania