Language Sound and Structure

Language Sound and Structure

Edited by Mark Aronoff, Richard Oehrle, Frances Kelley and Bonnie Wilker Stephens




These eighteen original essays pay tribute to Morris Halle, Institute Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy at MIT. Halle's impact on the study of language has been enormous; he and his students represent a continuous and coherent tradition which is unique in modern linguistics. Although they range from poetry to phonetics, the contributions share the common method of formal phonological analysis which reflects Halle's own work. With the exception of Roman Jakobson, his teacher, all of the contributors are Morris Halle's PhD students.

ContributorsRoman Jakobson, Samuel J. Keyser, Paul Kiparsky, Sanford A. Schane, Arnold M. Zwicky, James W. Harris, Stephen R. Anderson, Elisabeth Selkirk, William R. Leben, Shosuke Haraguchi, Mark Liberman, Janet Pierrehumbert, Alan S. Prince, John Goldsmith, Jill Carrier Duncan, Joan Mascaro, John J. McCarthy, Bruce Hayes, Rochelle Lieber, and Moira Yip


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Mark Aronoff

Mark Aronoff is Chairman of the Linguistics Department at SUNY, Stony Brook and the author of Word Formation in Generative Grammar (MIT Press, 1976).

Richard Oehrle

Richard Oehrle teaches in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Arizona.

Frances Kelley

Frances Kelley worked in MIT's Linguistics Department for a number of years.

Bonnie Wilker Stephens

Bonnie Wilker Stephens worked in MIT's Linguistics Department for a number of years.