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Paperback | $40.00 Short | £27.95 | ISBN: 9780262531252 | 354 pp. | 7 x 9 in | February 1995

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Latin America's Economy

Diversity, Trends, and Conflicts


Latin America's Economy provides a clear, comprehensive, and accessible overview of major economic issues facing Latin America today, including balance of payments problems, inflation, stabilization, poverty, inequality, and land reform. Each chapter centers on an economic problem, presenting major economic theories about the causes and possible solutions to the problem. The authors provide numerous cross-country examples to demonstrate how individual countries are affected by economic trends or policies. Chapters also include helpful summaries and ideas on what the future may hold.


"An important book. . . . Few other single-volume surveys of theregion have so skillfully brought to our attention the complex tapestry ofmodern Latin American political economy."
Antonia Jorge and Paul Moncarz, Journal of Developing Areas

"This is precisely the book that I have been waiting for. It is completelyup to date, it deals with the most important questions, and the authors explaincomplex economic issues in simple and helpful ways, without loss of rigour orgenerality."
David Hojman, Journal of Latin American Studies