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Learning from YouTube

About the Author

Alexandra Juhasz is Professor of Media Studies at Pitzer College, Claremont, California.


“Alex Juhasz has broken new ground again. Learning from YouTube is a brilliant experiment in 2.0 learning and teaching. It shows us not only what she and her class who crowd sourced many of the ideas and pathways in this project learned from YouTube, but also how one can use YouTube as a remarkable pedagogical site. Each section is an opportunity to explore different dimensions of already existing media theory and how it might help us to interpret the seemingly random and excessive experience of navigating through the YouTube universe, from LolCats to Jasmine Revolution uploads. So rarely do we see new intellectual work that not only helps us think about new forms of practice, but actually experiments with the very form of academic publishing itself, in ways that correspond to the object of study. Bravo for breaking new ground with good sense, good ideas, and a great sense of humor.”
Faye Ginsburg, Director, Center for Media Culture and History, New York University